The Temple of Hatshepsut was one of my favorite temples not just for it’s impressive elegant design and beautiful murals but because of the Pharaoh it was built for.   Hatshepsut the worlds first great female leader and the epitome of girl power from the 18th Dynasty of ancient Egypt.   The only surviving daughter of the Pharaoh Thutmose I she was married to her half brother Thutmose II.

Thutmose II had a son to a minor wife who was named Thutmose III and he was named successor when his farther died but was too young to rule.  This was Hatshepsut opportunity to take the initiative.  Young Thutmose III was removed from court and his Aunty Hatshepsut who was regent at the time ascended the throne.  You have to admire her tenacity, especially considering the mens club she just gate crashed.  She was certainly one of the guys, in all the statues and murals depicting Hatshepsut she is rocking a beard.

Working it as Pharaoh

According to history Egypt flourished under her rule, she expanded trade routes, built grand temples and ruled for about 20 years.  Meanwhile young Thutmose III had grown up and wasn’t a great fan of his Aunty Hatshepsut which you can understand considering she had banished him and taken his throne.  He had joined the army and become a great military leader and eventually ascended the throne when Hatshepsut died.  It would seem he was one to hold a grudge, following his aunts death he tried to erase Hatshepsut from history by removing any reference to her name, image and statues.  He didn’t manage to destroy everything as we still know of her.  This magnificent temple in Luxor just around the corner from the valley of the kings still stands and is absolutely stunning.

 What an  amazing force you must have been is what I said to her as I stood over her mummy at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.

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untitled-9      untitled-7


untitled-11   untitled-12

untitled-18   untitled-14   untitled-20

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