Horses view of the Pyramids
One of the best ways to see the Pyramids on the back of an beautiful Arabian.

Galloping, no wait more like flying across the desert on a beautiful Arabian steed at sunset with Cairo and the Great Pyramids in the background was a dream come true. On the back of a horse is one of the best ways to experience the pyramids, especially at sunset.  One of the most memorable moments was being out there with the sun going down and hearing the call to prayer echo out from the many Mosques in Cairo.  At that moment I really felt the magic of Egypt come alive, it was an unforgettable experience.

Throughout the ride you will be treated to stunning views of the Pyramids and watch the sky changes from pastel blue to oranges and yellows then fiery red as the sun dips below the horizon.

Sunset over Giza
Fire in the sky as the sun bids farewell to Egypt.
How well behaved does my noble Arabian Stallion look, not for very long……
Just in case you were wondering I did manage to stay on.

The Arabian horse is small compared to the 16 hand thoroughbreds I usually ride but these magnificent horses are little pocket rockets.  So much power and lots of spirt especially the stallions as you can see but still lots of fun, however it is important to know your limits.  If you are a beginner ridder a stallion is not the horse for you.

If one of your favorite books as a kid was the Black Stallion then this is an outing for you and it will be awesome. I feel so blessed to be able to have had this amazing experience, one of my favorites so far.

My wonderful guide showing me how it’s done.

Tips for ridding in Egypt

  • Most import, do your research and make sure you find a stable that look after their horses well, I chose to ride with FB Stables  as the reviews  on Trip Advisor and Facebook spoke about how well they looked after their animals.
  • Karen & Karim from FB Stables were great to deal with and  also arranged for transportation to and from the stables, fantastic service and took the hassle out of me having to do it myself.
  • Treatment of animals in Egypt is quite shocking be warned that you will see starved animals, horses with exposed ribs and hip bones, so sad which is why it is really important to do research on a stable offering riding before booking.
  • Know your limits, it’s great to have a go on a stallion but they can be temperamental and are strong.  I ride twice a week and have been doing so for about 2 years but once my stallion started playing up I swapped horses.  My guide got on him and came off him shortly afterwards.  Don’t over commit yourself as you will end up kissing the desert floor.
  • If you do want to try out a stallion but unsure of your ability let your guide know so they can ride a stallion out and you can start off on a mare or gelding and then swap over part way.
  • Insist on a ridding hat I didn’t but should have on reflection just to be on the safe side.
  • If you are ridding at sunset try to be back at the stables by 7pm as there is quite a lot of activity around the stable area especially near the entrance to the desert.  I was ridding in and a group of kids on horses just came charging towards me and neither of us had any time to move. Most of the light had gone so they couldn’t see me, keep to left side.
  • The cost to ride is usually about 150EGP per hour which will include your horse and a guide, if you want to ride inside the pyramid boundary it will cost an extra 80EGP.   It is Egypt so a tip is also expected and the amount is entirely up to you but the guides do work really hard so please be kind and tip.
Live the dream and smile as you do!

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