One of the most interesting places I have visited.

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Be prepared to be amazed, not only by the beauty of this magical place but also the brilliance of the Nabataean people who built this city after coming from the Arabian Peninsula more than 2200 years ago.  After centuries of earthquakes, floods and eventually changes to the trade route through the Middle East this amazing city was abandoned.  Left behind is an extraordinary ancient city built to last centuries that we get to experience and appreciate.

untitledGuarding the entrance to As-Siq an impressive 1200 long deep and narrow gorge with cliffs soaring as high as 80 meters.

As-Siq is the main entrance into this magical city and as you walk through the stunning 1200 meter long gorge you  feel excitement and anticipation building the further you venture in.  The morning was already quite warm but the high red and brown natural walls provided shade and the occasional cool breeze whistling through the gorge…

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