After dangling in the sky for around 5 km in your crystal cabin and magnificent views of the South China sea you eventually catch your first glimpse of Tian Tan the giant Buddha.  Built by the Po Lin Monastery he sits proudly on the peak of Mount Muk Yue symbolizing the stability of Hong Kong, prosperity of China and peace on earth.  Tian Tan is not the only attraction at the end of the 360 cable car, it’s also  where you will find Ngong Ping Village and the Po Lin Monastery.  If you have a half day to spare in Hong Kong this is a great place to go especially if you are in between flights as the 360 cable car is only a 20 minute drive from the airport.

Tian Tan the giant bronze Buddha 

Ngong Ping Village is quite cute, it has a few tourist shops selling all kinds of souvenirs, restaurants and a Chinese movie theatre.  An impressive gateway followed by a path that is lined with Chinese warriors takes you to the monastery and the 600 step climb to the base of Tian Tan.   It was such a hot humid day especially after climbing 600 steps but the views were stunning and why come all this way to just stand at the bottom of the stairs.

There is something quite calming about this place, perhaps it’s Tian Tan overwhelming presence that gives this piece of Hong Kong such a chilled out and peaceful vibe.   Even the random cow I passed on the pathway to the steps of the Buddha was chilled out.  No one seemed to fussed as he wandered pass just like the rest of the tourists.

If Buddhas are your thing you may also want to visit the monastery where they have the room of 1000 Buddhas.   After the climb and heat I was ready to head back to my hotel and swimming pool to get in a quick swim before my 6pm flight to Amman.  A trip to Tian Tan was the perfect way to spend some down time in between flights.

Ngong Ping village located at the end of a 5.7km cable car ride







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