In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Baggage Check.”

I read a great to do list today that someone had kindly shared,

  1. Be grateful
  2. Be kind
  3. Let go of  what I can’t change and  things you can’t control
  4. Listen to my intuition
  5. Be productive and calm
  6. Breath.

All are fantastic actions to live by but for me the most relevant to how I am feeling at the moment is No. 3 letting go of what I can’t change and things you can’t control.  A bit about me to ponder is I lean more to fight side of the flight or fight scenario, perhaps it’s the Taurus  in me, a stubborn bull who finds it hard to budge.  To add to the situation I may also be a little bit of a control freak but only little.

Have I lost the battle if I let it go, perhaps what I should be asking myself is if it was a cause worth fighting for.   My intuition tells me no, my heart tells me yes.  Dam heart.  Now I have the theme song from Frozen in my head.

As I read through these actions it occurs to me that they are more powerful when checked off in an order that is conducive to where you want to go and feel.

  1. Be grateful – Always, I have a great life filled with wonderful people in it.
  2. Listen to my intuition –  I know whats best for me and what is not.
  3. Be kind  – Be kind to myself, you tried and it’s not about losing a battle it’s about conceding honorably.
  4. Be productive but calm –  Better out than in ,  write it down and get it out of your system.
  5. BREATH –  Relax
  6. Let go of what I can’t control or change –  Done!

Felling so much lighter now,  will rinse and repeat for the next few days just to be sure.

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