In the past I have been quite happy to travel on my own but for the first time I decided to do a tour for the Egypt part of my travels.  I’m so glad I did, not only did it provide me with an easy and safe way to travel through the country I also made some great friends who I am still in touch with today.   We were a small group and met for the first time in a hotel lobby in Giza only 20 minutes before the start of our tour.  When talking over lunch we discovered that each of us were worried that we would be stuck with weirdos however this was not the case for us as we all clicked right away and had the best time together.

We travelled for 2 weeks together and had a fantastic time,  it was great to be able to visit incredible places and share the experience with one another.   I remember traveling through Cambodia and standing in front of Ankgor Watt in complete awe and not having anyone to turn to tell them how much I loved that I was in this amazing place.  Where ever we went each of us would just look at each other and smile in amazement at the magnificent places we were lucky enough to visit.  It was great to be able to converse about the history and culture with each other,  we were learning and best of all having so much fun together.  Our guide Mohamed always referred to a family and it certainly felt that way.

On reflection I think we connected so well because as we got to know each other better it was apparent that we were all starting new chapters in lives.  This trip represented a mile stone for each of us and the beginning of something new.  I was blessed to meet these exceptionally kind and fun people and will make sure I will always stay in touch.

First day together felt like we had known each other for ages one big happy family.
Family selfie at the Pyramids of Giza
Peek a boo at the Saqqarah step pyramid

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