A trip to the Alexandria Library is well worth the visit, it is a magnificent building that has an amazing goal and purpose.  While this new library may never be able to replace the knowledge lost when the Great Library was destroyed many centuries ago, they will certainly succeed in preserving knowledge for many centuries to come.

The goal of this place of knowledge is to house every single piece of literature ever publish, ambitious as it sounds they are accomplishing exactly that every day.  Aside from rows of bookshelves  and study cubicles, at the heart of the building large servers run 24/7 downloading and archiving new publications. Embracing the technology of today as well as the passion for knowledge, a fitting replacement for the Great Library that once stood near by.

Like any other library you will find students studying, locals wondering in to check out a book or browsing the catalogues and of course everyone is doing it quietly.  It would have to be one of the most quiet places in Egypt.  Believe me a quiet place in this country is very hard to find.

If you are ever lucky enough to visit Alexandria take some time to visit the Alexandria Library. The Library is not only for book lovers but for art lovers also, historic printing presses, contemporary art  and sculptures  are all on display. I’m quite sure my I.Q jumped up a few points after spending time amongst all that history and knowledge. Enjoy!

Alexandria 1




Beautifully designed building they certainly know how to build great things in Egypt


Row after row of books 
Behind the glass sits massive servers downloading 24/7 all new published literature 

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