Cruising the Nile was a dream come true, what better to appreciate this magnificent river than on a luxurious boat with all the comforts of home and more.   Four days of beautiful scenery, passing by towns where the call to prayer echoes out across the valley.  Egyptians go about their business and children play on river bank waving out happily as you pass by.

I boarded my 4 story cruise boat in Aswan and sailed up the Nile to Luxor stopping along the way at temples and docking overnight at Edfu.  It was an amazing four days of wonderful sights, fantastic service and beautiful meals.

Another way to cruise the Nile is by felucca, a cute sail boat that relies on the cool breeze of the Nile to push them along, zig zaging across the river to make the most of the wind.  No plunge pool with bar service or day spa though but still quite lovely I am told.  I was the only one in my tour group that took the upgrade and even though they sailed a day earlier my boat passed them within 30 minutes of leaving Aswan.

When you go to Egypt this is certainly one of the adventures that is a must, either by cruise boat or felucca it will be an incredible journey.


The Nile
Egypt has the most beautiful sunsets especially while cruising the Nile, this was taken from my bedroom window of my cruise.


The Nile-9


The Nile-10


The Nile-11


The Nile-12


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