The Dead Sea Available Only For A Limited Time

The Dead Sea was really cool!  It was like floating in a warm pool of jelly or jello depending on what part of the world you live in.  Not that I have ever floated in jelly before but I imagine thats what it would be like.  You body is as light as a feather and you can feel the water lifting you up.  It was so strange to be bobbing around on the surface and the exposed part of your body completely dry.  The further you drifted out the heavy the water becomes and the higher you body extends out of the water. Apparently when you venture out quite far you can stand in the water without touching the bottom, I wasn’t that brave to try.

Private beach at the Holiday Inn Dead Sea Resort, Jordan
Dead Sea Done
Best mud body scrub you will ever have

The water was really warm which I didn’t expect, however the temperature that day was  45 degrees, an unusually  hot day for Jordan due to a heatwave in the Middle East.  When you enter the water you are to wade out and then sit and lie backwards and you just start to float, just let the Dead Sea embrace you.  After your float and soak there is the mud, thick brown almost black sludgy goodness full of wonderful minerals that will leave your skin feel soft and refreshed.

Dead Sea Tips

  • People actually do drown in the Dead Sea, common causes are when they try and swim on their stomachs. Its much harder to put your feet down to see floor if you get into trouble so follow the safety rules and stay on your back.
  • There is a public beach located just outside of Amman that cost around 20JD and also gives you access to a pool or you can do what I did and purchase a day pass to one of the many hotels along the Dead Sea.  It is a little more expensive, it cost me about 50 JD but it gave me access to all the hotel facilities and a private beach with deck chairs, water, towels and a life guard.
  • Jordan is quite conservative when it comes to showing skin so if you want to rock a bikini without causing any offense or unwanted attention go for the hotel option.
  • Another bonus to using a hotel is all of them have a day spa. What better way to finish off your Dead Sea experience with a wonderful massage.
  • Make sure you wear sandals as the high concentration of salt can make the rocks and sand quite sharp, if you cut yourself it will hurt once again due to the high concentration of salt.
  • Take a container or use an empty water bottle so you can take some mud with you.  I did and had a wonderful Dead Sea mud face mask daily for the rest of my trip.
  • You can experience the Dead Sea from either Israel or Jordan, I chose to do it on the Jordan side because it was so close to Amman, only a 40 minute drive.  No check points to go through like you would on the Israel side.

Unfortunately due to the world we live in and the disregard we have taken towards looking after our environment this wonderful place is slowly disappearing.   Over the past 60 years the water levels have dropped significantly and you can clearly see where the water line used to be.  The length of the Dead Sea in the 1950s was 50 miles long, now it is only 20 miles so if you want to visit do it now before it is gone.

The sun is huge in this part of the world