Keep Calm & Just Keep Living Your Life

We were treated to another astral phenomenon on the weekend, the supper blood moon.  Unfortunately we have some in this world who choose to live their lives in fear and project that fear onto others.  The dooms day fundamentalist, you know who you are.  Pay no attention to them and just carry on living your life and appreciate every moment especially the good times with people you love.

Here in New Zealand we were not able to see the eclipse as it was below our horizon by the time it took place.  I did however take a snap of the full moon over my house, if you were lucky enough to see this cool  event, YAY for you!  It has since passed and we are still here so lets just carry on and keep living our lives to the full.

Always be kind to the those who cross your path and be fearless because that way your life will always be an adventure.

How To Be Fearless In A Crystal Cabin

It’s good to be a little fearless in life, that way your life will always be an adventure.

When it comes to heights I am a bit of a wuss, but keeping true to my “be fearless”  philosophy I decided to tackle my fear of heights with a ride in the crystal cabin on the island of Lantau, Hong Kong.  The 360 cable car is a popular tourist attraction that takes you on a 5.7km cable car ride over  Tung Chung Bay and up over the North Lantau Country Park to the village of Ngong Ping.  It takes about 25 minutes and in that time you will be treated to spectacular views of Lantau Island, the busy Hong Kong airport and the South China Sea.

Citygate shopping center, Lantau Harbor
Higher and higher to wear only birds fly
Busy and beautiful South China Sea
At this point the cabin begins to sway as a light wind blows through the valley, fearless..

You have two options to consider when you take the 360 cable car, standard or crystal cabin.  The reason it is called a crystal cabin is because you are practically inside a glass box.  A glass box dangling in sky for 5.7km, it’s like having an extra window except it’s underneath your feet.  Apart from the extra window another great reason to take the crystal cabin is that the line is much shorter than the standard cabin.  The 360 cable car is quite popular and queues can get quite long.  I went early to try to avoid the lines but at 9.30 a.m there were already about 300 people queuing.  They run a pretty smooth operation so the queue moves quite swiftly I only waited in line for about 30 minutes.  The first 15 minutes in the cable  car is a bit daunting but once you get over the unnerving feeling of having nothing under your feet but air you start to feel brave, well I did anyway.  It’s a great feeling to conquer a fear even if it’s just a little one.  Just take a deep breath, smile and stand up, it’s just like flying.

Standing fearlessly and smiling while I do it
Birds eye view of the Lantau National Park