Lucky Parents? I Don’t Think So……

How often have you made the comment to a friend or family member about how lucky they are to have great kids? If you have then I ask you to read on and think about what it is you are saying.

In a conversation with a good friend who I hadn’t spoken to for a long time the subject moved onto her children.  My dear friend is the mother of two beautiful girls and an energetic and lively gorgeous boy.  She said that she is often told how wonderful her children are and that she is really lucky to have such great kids. While she appreciates  the compliment it leaves her feeling a little miffed.

It has nothing to do with luck it has everything to do with hard work, raising kids is hard especially on my own.

Raising her children to be well rounded, kind and respectful of others comes down to hard work, dedication and good parenting.  She has put in the miles as a single parent and is reaping the benefits but not the recognition she deserves.  So why do we take that away from hardworking parents, especially mothers?  I am sure it’s not the intent to do so but sometimes even the best intentions can still cause the recipient to be a bit miffed.

The next time you compliment a hard working parent on how great their kids are, don’t tell them they are lucky.  Just give them the recognition they deserve by congratulating them on being fantastic parents.  I know I will from now, one more lesson I am grateful to learn.